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Posted by on May 11, 2016 in How To, Technology

Running a Successful Fashion Show in Animal Jam

Running a Successful Fashion Show in Animal Jam

Organizing and running a fashion show that brings in all the crowds is one of the most fun activities that Jammers can enjoy in the game. With so many things you can do in Animal Jam for fun, why even bother hosting something like a fashion show?

For one, it can be very rewarding to run an event like a fashion show in AJ due to the sheer effort and time you need to commit to it. You can also collaborate with your friends to organize a memorable event that all Jammers can experience and form long-lasting memories.

After surveying many Animal Jam players who have in the past ran fashion shows that turned into a huge party, we have identified the top tips you need to follow in order to run the best possible fashion show with minimal headache.

One the first things you need to decide when trying to organize a fashion show is a theme. You aren’t trying to organize a revolutionary, high-end fashion show. The point is to create a theme that people can get excited about and participate. The themes that do well tends to be seasonal ones. For example, in 2016, The Easter Fashion Show for Jammers turned out a massive number of crowds. Last year, the Halloween themed fashion shows and Christmas themed ones did extremely well as well. Whatever theme you choose, pick the one that you are confident that people will enjoy.

Next is determining the prize pool. Gems and diamonds are coveted resources every Animal Jam players want. They can get generated for free for using cheats for Animal Jam diamond codes Your awards must be attractive so you can get as many players in your show as possible. Offering something like the following tiers of rewards tend to get a lot of people interested in the den.

  • 1st prize: 100 Diamonds and 1,000 gems
  • 2nd prize: 50 Diamonds and 500 gems
  • 3rd prize: 10 Diamonds and 100 gems

Once you’ve decided on your theme and the prizes for the fashion show, next step is to go out and spread the word!

Do a shout out in the den and in Jamaa Township to get the word out about your fashion show. You can also encourage your Jammer friends to help you recruit more fashion show participants.

One word of caution is that; you probably want to cap the amount of people who can show up. Or at least be prepared to organize everyone in the building for the show day. This is because when there are too many players in the same building, they will start overlapping each other, making the fashion show impossible to view.