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Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Fashion, Media, Technology

Reporting From Amazon Live Fashion Show 2016

The new fashion-focused show hosted by Lyndsey Rodrigues, Rachel Smith and Frankie Grande premiered this year in an amazing way. The host Frankie Grande being pop star singer Ariana Grande’s older half-brother increased the anticipation even before the show started.

amazon-live-fashion-show-hosts-2016The show aired weekly at 9pm on Amazons website started off with well-known guests (youtube sensation Tati Westbrook and fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein ) as their episode one. The host calls out on all women to come out and express themselves as they become the trendsetters of future wear.

Bringing together the whole nation and featuring the best of local designs and boutiques showed the creativity and innovative nature of the movers and shakers of this world. The crowd is supplied with unending refreshments to keep them cheered up across all the live shows.
The show continued with designers displaying their traditional roots spread across the globe with the aid of up to date silhouettes on the runway. Live contemporary music plays in the background in the perfectly lit room to ensure all participants are relaxed.

The show has an active portion in which the host routinely calls on all the audience to ask all questions about the show. The chat room has an icon at the lower right corner where the audience can press on it when enjoying the show. The show does not have any advertising although viewers can purchase all the fashion components displayed at the show through a gallery found on Amazons website.

The Amazon Fashion Show looked immensely pleased to host the various models, collections and looks of Elite Fitz, Brown & Williams Clothiers, Deborah Mdurvwa, Rosies and Rockers, Mila & Fire, Beyond the Velvet Rope, and Michelle C Gibson. From the glamorous, chic, and dapper to the punk-inspired and edgy, all manner of aesthetics and styles felt exemplified here on the runway.