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Posted by on Apr 2, 2016 in Technology

Overview of Blossom Blast Saga Mobile Game

Overview of Blossom Blast Saga Mobile Game

From the makers of super popular Candy Crush Saga comes Blossom Blast Saga. In this fun puzzle mobile game, your goal is to keep the flowerbeds clear. To do that, you will need to link up flowers of the same color which will encourage the flowers to grow. Blossoming really goes into effect when you stack multiple flowers of the same color.

Big deterrent to your flowerbeds blossoming with pretty flowers are the pesky weeds. These crappy no good serving to mankind plant is detrimental to the health of your flowerbeds. You must get rid of them as soon as you spot them. By keeping them around, you risk your flowerbeds being overran with ugly weeds. By linking up multiple flowers near the weeds and creating a chain reaction around them, you can effectively kill the weeds with minimal effort.

There are currently 120 levels in the game, with more being added frequently. First few flowerbeds are easy to clear and not much troublesome. However, once you get to the upper levels, you really need to store up some extra lives and gold bars by using Blossom Blast Saga resource hacker tool. Those key resources in game will be help you from being overrun by weeds that are out to ruin your flowerbeds.

Be patient when creating that epic chain reaction of flowers. Sure, you can pop the chain early but the effects will be minimal. By naturally letting the blossoming buds fully mature into beautiful flower, you can unleash the full power on your flowerbeds, often winning the level outright.

Blossom Blast Saga is appropriate and friendly to all ages groups. It can be played and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. In fact, it is one of the most fun games to play with friends. You can invite and add your friends then challenge them to the duel of Blossom Blast Saga. Being able to play against friends is a fun distraction that will keep you occupied for hours on ends.

Little fact known about the game is that the word Blossom is also a character of the game. Yes, as you can experience in the game, you are going on a fun adventure through the lands of flowerbeds, from Carnival Garden to Dreamy meadow.

Available for Google Play and App Store, Blossom Blast Saga is a fun and addictive game that all casual gamers can get behind this puzzle mobile game.