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Posted by on Dec 26, 2013 in How To, Media

Killer Digital Media Kit For A Musician

Killer Digital Media Kit For A Musician

There was a time when media kits meant photoshoots, brochures, pamphlets, CDs and what not.  Not only was it an untidy bunch difficult to get together but it also meant draining your pockets of thousands of dollars not only in printing but also in packaging and mailing. And then there was always something which got missed out, which, can only mean that you end up losing business.

Thanks to the internet that era is now long gone. A media kit in the present time is of course in the electronic format and can be sent across to your fans, journalists, event managers as an email with a simple click.

A media kit in this format is known as a digital media kit and covers everything that you want people to know about.  A simple and effective way is to take a look at the way others have done it and incorporate the most effective methods that people have used.

Here are some basic elements that should form a part of your media kit:

Killer Digital Media Kit For A Musician

1.  Professional Bio.  Get together an effective bio of yourself or your group. In case of a group you should have a short bio of all your group members. You can also provide link to external sources like Flicker, Linked In profiles, You tube videos etc.

2.  Effective portfolio.  The next thing is of course is a good portfolio. This includes images, videos and reviews etc. Include printable high resolution images. Look at different options like black and white versions, horizontal, and vertical pictures. You could also include pictures of your recent album cover.

There should be a few tracks available for easy download. Check the quality of these. If someone wants a copy of your album, make sure you provide them with information of where they can get the same.

Also make sure that you have 2-3 good quality videos in the media kit too, which effectively portray your music or that of your band.

3.  Include your best interview or reviews.  Post a link to some of your best press reviews and interviews.  Make sure to include some quotes to from your interviews with each link.  These are for those viewers who will definitely not be patient to go through each of your interviews.

4.  The final one… your contact info.  Last but not the least provide your contact information in a ready to use form.  You do not have to publish your personal contact numbers but the address that you mention should be current and complete.  Many people would not bother to ring back a number which they does not get through in the first instance and that means a failed business opportunity. Do not let yourself be a victim to this.  Make sure that you keep the press kit in a place on your website where it is easily found.  Include a section called Press Kit and keep the media kit in an easily downloadable format.

You could also opt for a format wherein you do away with the press kit totally and place the information in a carefully crafted email. The email should be brief but convey enough information about you to intrigue the recipient.

Mention a clear subject precisely asking for what you want, adopt a formal tone and keep enough information about you.

Make sure you are convincing enough and not pushy.  Finally include a link to your website where you have more information about you.  Also remember to give your contact details on the email.

Press Kit or no kit, digital is the way to go so make sure that your presence is there in a convincing form on the world wide web.