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Posted by on Dec 23, 2013 in Designs

Inspirational Design Sites

Inspirational Design Sites

It is a given fact that we all surf the web to retrieve information everyday. It’s also a given that we are bound to visit millions of sites in our lifetime. These sites should generally serve their purpose for being there on the web, which is to give us the information we need. And all sites as a rule, efficiently do this task. But giving us the information we need doesn’t have to be done in a very boring, humdrum, manner.

The facts the sites present, and the site itself can catch your attention. It can deliver it’s information with style, and generally, just look pleasing to the eye. It’s overall design from the menu, to the icons, to the logo can all combine to make a work of art. And works of art, inspire us and give us a sense of beauty and awe. And these are the things we need more of in our sometimes, monotonous routine of life. And if a website can provide us with that sense of art while delivering the information we need, then it is truly inspirational.

Listed below are a few sites whose designs are just that.

Plainly inspirational.

1. The Nutro Company


The Nutro Company’s mobile site is very simple and straightforward to use. It’s simple, almost spartan designs, and easy to use menus, with the emphasis on big sacks of their pet food evokes images of stepping into a pet store in real life. I know, I’ve seen that clean, polished, wooden floor lined with sacks of pet food so many times on so many pet stores. The site clearly aims to deliver information as simply and efficiently as possible but without compromising elements of style that can catch the eye. And they do a great job of it. Kudos to Rockfish for creating an efficient but elegant site.

2. Stepping Stones Elementary

Inspirational Design Sites - Stepping Stones Elementary

Creative Mellen was tasked with promoting the Stepping Stones Elementary school mainly through visuals and images. The result is this very intuitive and visually attractive site. The photos of the kids and the school fill up the whole monitor, literally jumping at you. With only the kids, the school, and some scribbled inspirational messages, the site becomes less technical and a lot more artistic. The hidden menu bar underneath, was a stroke of genius, completely making it all about the pictures and the stories they conveyed, namely promoting the school. Great artistic and creative advertising at work.

3. The Shape of Design

Inspirational Design Sites - The Shape of Design

Frank Chimero’s book, The Shape of Design, tackles a lot of the creative processes that go into creating any work of art. It’s no wonder that the site for his book should also be a work of art in itself. The illustrations for the chapters are very well illustrated. Each is given attention to detail, as each reflects an element or two that Chimero talks about in the Chapter. The interface and navigation through the site is also very simple and straightforward. And with the nice illustrations grabbing your attention and pointing the way, you’ll soon find yourself browsing through the initial chapters of the book. I know I did. And that’s what great art can do. It can grab your attention to get a peek at something more. And hopefully, you’re hooked.

4. Your Brain Map

This site’s objectives is to have you learning a lot more about your brain and how it works so you can use it better. And the way they convey those objectives are actually very creative indeed. The site is very visual and interactive. The brain at the center of the screen can be spun around, revealing different areas of the brain. Click on the areas highlighted with different colors and icons and their various uses and functions appear. Visually, it’s so appealing that it becomes quite easy to understand the facts about your brain. Moving the brain around with the interface and spinning it around, gives a whole new meaning to the old adage of “picking your brain.”

5. Hutchins Center

Inspirational Design Sites - Hutchins Center

The website uses large images you see when you scroll down to promote the center and its current activities. While these pictures themselves, catch attention and are artistic, the real product of inspiration here is the logo on the upper left hand corner. As you scroll down the site, the logo subtly changes color schemes with the picitures. The effect is so simple and subtle and doesn’t attract attention to itself, but once you notice it, the effect is very inspirational.


6. Beautiful Type

Typography is defined as the art of arranging type to make language visible. Essentially an artform involving letters and words, this site was created by two web designers with a shared passion for typography. It highlights various photos and illustrations showcasing artworks in typography. These artworks and the artists who made them are the real stars in the website and the site does a great job highlighting them. You’ll never look at letters and words the same way again after touring this site.

With all these sites that can inspire you and so many more sites out there just waiting to be discovered, it’s clear that creativity is all around us. And the seeds of inspiration are just there waiting to be planted. So what are you waiting for? Jump start your creativity and let the artist within you soar high and fly free!