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Posted by on Dec 29, 2013 in Editorials, Fashion, How To

How to Score an Internship at a Fashion Magazine

How to Score an Internship at a Fashion Magazine

If you were reading a list of most desirable jobs , an internship at a fashion magazine would definitely feature somewhere amongst the top ten favorites The land of flashbulbs, makeup, high heels and hot labels holds us in awe and many of us would be willing to go to an extreme to get there. Seriously how far could you go?

Anyway, before we start on that debate here is a list of things that you could do to get yourself that dream job. If you are wondering where to get started to score an internship at a fashion magazine, this is just the place. So, read on…

1. Starting out: first things first.   Make a list of websites which regularly feature related openings. for example.

2. Know what you are getting into. High heels and makeup aside, the job requires real long hours, superb management skills and great listening skills. You might be required to do anything from packaging samples, filling forms, researching online, write / proofread articles or just make incessant phone calls to PR firms. Be prepared and brush up on your communication skills. You should also be up to date on the latest fashion trends and beauty products.

3. Build an effective CV. Your CV is the first impression that the recruiter has of you. Draft it carefully and check and recheck for spelling, grammar and punctuation. If you cannot write your CV well enough, you of course cannot write a good article.

Include what you like best about the magazine .Do not be presumptuous but it pays to be real. Include a good cover letter.

4. Know your interviewer. When applying do not write in a personal tone. Be respectful and professional. Address your letter to a name instead of a generic Sir/Madam if possible. The impact is much more pleasing this way.

5. Know the magazine.  It makes real sense to know what the magazine is all about. The topics it touches, the style and its recent topics in discussion. Be prepared for the question: “Why are you applying for this magazine?”

6. Prepare yourself for a face to face interview.  The interviewer will definitely look at your major and grades and get them through an email. However confidence, eagerness to work and your presentability can never be judged over the phone or the webcam. Insist on a face to face interview as it gives you a better chance to tell the interviewer how well you suit their requirements.

7. Showcase your skills. A fashion magazine requires people who are organized, efficient and have an ability to pay attention to details. If you have taken previous jobs or responsibilities involving these skills showcase them and talk about them during your interview.

Internship at a Fashion Magazine

8. Listen to your interviewer and talk in a related language.  Impress that you are a good listener and follow instructions.

9. Portfolio.  If you have a portfolio or samples of some previous work or appreciation notes for a job well done make sure you take them along and show them off!  Nothing works like word from an ex employer.

10.Get connected.  Internship jobs almost always are filled in through connections. So go out of the way to make your connections. If you have friends or friends‘s friends working for fashion magazine, keep in touch with them for openings. Network, socialize and look out for what you need.

11.Apply through magazine internship programs like ASME (American Society of Magazine Editors), Condé Nast, Time Inc, and Meredith.  These are more structured and also offer better benefits than applying directly to the magazines.

Be prepared and the job is half done. And once that is done you will get the confidence to pull of the other half. So get going now!