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Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Media

5 Hollywood Celebs that look like your Mobile Strike characters

5 Hollywood Celebs that look like your Mobile Strike characters

Mostly everyone loves celebrities and we cannot deny that Mobile Strike has some avatars that bear a striking resemblance to your famous Hollywood Celebs. Some of these lookalikes are even the reasons why the game is downloaded in the first place, with their faces posted on almost all images of the game teasers.

While most of us know celebrity names by heart, some of us are having a hard time thinking who those lookalikes are. Mobile Strike Hack website has contributed to this list here to help those latter players out by pointing out the 5 separated-at-birth celebrities and avatars.

  1. Jessica Biel

The image of this female military officer bears a striking resemblance to the famous actress Jessica Biel. The full lips are what sold the entire resemblance. The tough chick persona also shows and emanates from the real life celeb.

  1. Zack Efron

We can’t deny the uncanny match that this pic with regards to Zack Efron. The resemblance might be due to the movie “The Lucky One” which features Efron as a military commando. That said, we really think that this avatar is like a grown-up version of the male star.

  1. Kanye West

The nose and the lips are all we had to go for here but I would bet a hundred dollars that this is what Kanye would look like if ever he was in the military. Whether the developer is a huge Kanye fan or not, we’ll never know.

  1. John Cena

Okay, this is a little short of a longshot here, but this guy looks like a scruffy, dehydrated John Cena, who probably quit the wrestling show to join the service. Although the avatar looks a little thinner than Cena, his facial structures are very similar to the famous actor/wrestler.

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

We’re pretty sure that’s how his name is spelled. That aside, this isn’t really much of a look-alike and more of a game endorsement deal. The game itself was advertised on TV screens by the action superstar legend slash previous governor of California. That appearance alone on screen alone proved the financial powers of Epic War LLC as they managed to cast such a formidable celebrity.

That’s it for our list that shows the celebrity look alikes of the highly downloaded game Mobile Strike. If you agree or disagree on our choices, it’s up to you. Even if you lean towards the latter side, we know that you can agree that Mobile Strike is the top RTS game available on iOS and Android today with over 10 million downloads worldwide. This is due to the diverse gameplay, cool and crisp visuals, and continuously growing content that is sure to keep you and your friends busy.

Mobile Strike is a military simulation game by Epic War LLC that gives you the ability to command your troops and build up your headquarters using gold to defend your state and go head to head with other players online. Strong note: the game is highly addictive so make sure that you play moderately.