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Posted by on Apr 9, 2016 in Technology

4 Advices for New Android Owners with Final Fantasy Record Keeper

4 Advices for New Android Owners with Final Fantasy Record Keeper

To keep you going in your Final Fantasy Record Keeper career, make sure you know these tips and hacks to amp up your game.

First, battle in the realms with appropriate characters for as much as you can. Remember that the game is grounded on specific events of the Final Fantasy franchise so if you are a fan, you could easily move around the game since you are already familiar with your surroundings. Earn EXPs and upgrade your characters while you can. Remember that double EXPs could be gained for characters where they belong as illustrated by Final Fantasy Record Keeper hack. For example, take Cloud in FF7 worlds and Squall in FF8 realms. For FF10, you may use Tidus. Also remember to equip them with appropriate gear.

Second, include a mage in your party all the time. Whether it’s a Black, Blue, Red, or White mage, it could be essential for all your battles. A White Mage’s healing abilities are remarkable and they pretty much heal faster. Beside your mage, you should have an attack wielder. Once you have a mage suitable for your battle, you may then begin fighting.

Third, try not to tackle elite stages if you are still below level 20. Elite stages could be too overwhelming and you may seem excited to tackle on them but don’t, especially if your are still weak. Do not waste stamina on such tough stages. On the bright side, fighting elite stages could give you awesome crafting materials and EXP and these in turn could strengthen your party.

Lastly, be sure to check back boss enemies in Final Fantasy games in the past. In connection with the first tip, you should know how to properly equip your characters depending on how you know the villains according to the original games themselves. Usually, the same methods are needed to defeat them. So make it a point to read up strengths and weaknesses before heading to battle.