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Oh What do You Know About Panda Pop Coin Farming?

Posted by on Apr 10, 2017 in How To, Technology

One of the most asked questions we receive from our readers is what the world record for score in Panda Pop is. Even though gamers share their high scores on social media like twitter to boast and brag, there is no official ladder or competitive type of ranking. All you can do is keep beating more levels and gaining coins and lives. Of course, many cheaters will use online hacking utilities to unlock and unblock new levels and get more lives. This doesn’t require any skills and water terrace is no problem even without the right weapons. Yellow bubbles are easy to exploit with cheats because of how numerous...

Reporting From Amazon Live Fashion Show 2016

Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Fashion, Media, Technology

The new fashion-focused show hosted by Lyndsey Rodrigues, Rachel Smith and Frankie Grande premiered this year in an amazing way. The host Frankie Grande being pop star singer Ariana Grande’s older half-brother increased the anticipation even before the show started. The show aired weekly at 9pm on Amazons website started off with well-known guests (youtube sensation Tati Westbrook and fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein ) as their episode one. The host calls out on all women to come out and express themselves as they become the trendsetters of future wear. Bringing together the whole nation and featuring the best of local designs and boutiques showed the creativity and innovative nature...

Running a Successful Fashion Show in Animal Jam

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in How To, Technology

Organizing and running a fashion show that brings in all the crowds is one of the most fun activities that Jammers can enjoy in the game. With so many things you can do in Animal Jam for fun, why even bother hosting something like a fashion show? For one, it can be very rewarding to run an event like a fashion show in AJ due to the sheer effort and time you need to commit to it. You can also collaborate with your friends to organize a memorable event that all Jammers can experience and form long-lasting memories. After surveying many Animal Jam players who have in the past...

4 Advices for New Android Owners with Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Posted by on Apr 9, 2016 in Technology

To keep you going in your Final Fantasy Record Keeper career, make sure you know these tips and hacks to amp up your game. First, battle in the realms with appropriate characters for as much as you can. Remember that the game is grounded on specific events of the Final Fantasy franchise so if you are a fan, you could easily move around the game since you are already familiar with your surroundings. Earn EXPs and upgrade your characters while you can. Remember that double EXPs could be gained for characters where they belong as illustrated by Final Fantasy Record Keeper hack. For example, take Cloud in FF7 worlds...

Overview of Blossom Blast Saga Mobile Game

Posted by on Apr 2, 2016 in Technology

From the makers of super popular Candy Crush Saga comes Blossom Blast Saga. In this fun puzzle mobile game, your goal is to keep the flowerbeds clear. To do that, you will need to link up flowers of the same color which will encourage the flowers to grow. Blossoming really goes into effect when you stack multiple flowers of the same color. Big deterrent to your flowerbeds blossoming with pretty flowers are the pesky weeds. These crappy no good serving to mankind plant is detrimental to the health of your flowerbeds. You must get rid of them as soon as you spot them. By keeping them around, you risk...

5 Hollywood Celebs that look like your Mobile Strike characters

Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Media

Mostly everyone loves celebrities and we cannot deny that Mobile Strike has some avatars that bear a striking resemblance to your famous Hollywood Celebs. Some of these lookalikes are even the reasons why the game is downloaded in the first place, with their faces posted on almost all images of the game teasers. While most of us know celebrity names by heart, some of us are having a hard time thinking who those lookalikes are. Mobile Strike Hack website has contributed to this list here to help those latter players out by pointing out the 5 separated-at-birth celebrities and avatars. Jessica Biel The image of this female military officer...